product photography

When you have hundreds of beauty product photography photo shoots under your belt, you have a specialty. And you’re more than ready to pitch new clients.
Beauty products photographyI started photographing beauty products in 1997, and in just four short years was sending out photography invoices for close to ten beauty products projects per month. I had other clients at the time – ScharffenBerger chocolates, MontBlanc pens, Taryn Rose shoes, among others – but cosmetics and skin care were something I knew a lot about.
Beauty products photographyAbout this time, I was approached by DHC while they were reconfiguring their US marketing plans. They were looking at several options for new photographers and had known I was in neck-deep with Bare Escentuals. DHC sent me a bunch of their most challenging products to give me a chance to create a pitch.Beauty products photographyI worked with my stylist to craft a scheme that centered around a feeling of upscale spa. We set up in the studio next to a huge bank of north-facing windows to utilize the soft natural daylight along with shallow focus to evoke a relaxed, clean, “spa-heaven” retreat. We spent a day arranging and photographing the products in beautiful pieces that we felt confident conveyed the style we were proposing.Beauty products photographyI was very confident of the pieces we created, and thrilled with the results. The creative director at DHC loved them too. That creative director was offered a position at another company in Austin, Texas, just a few days later, much to our surprise. The new creative director that eventually replaced her had their own ideas and team, which took us out of the running. And that happens, it’s actually not uncommon, nor the first time for me. In the end, I was very proud of what we pitched, the theme behind it, and our ability to be able to elevate their brand effectively. I had some great shots I was able to show to other clients to open up more conversations, and the ability to continue to perfect my pitch.