food photography:
“Making Something Beautiful, with Saucy Asian”

It’s not everyday that food comes along to make your day. But when it does, you can guess that it will be nothing less than delicious.

A graphic design team I had worked with for years was developing branding for Saucy Asian a new Korean-fusion restaurant hugging the edge of the San Francisco Mission District, where it meets the Castro District. Korean-fusion has been all the rage on the west coast the last several years, combining traditional Korean staples, with modern twists set to attract millenials and their culture-curious parents.

food photography

We started the photo shoot with the chef setting up a dish of japchae noodles, combined with good old Korean Kimchi, fresh slaw, lettuce, sliced carrots, and fried shallots. The entries dish is served on a bed of rice as a rice bowl, adding in your favorite Korean meat choice – Bulgogi beef, Shiitake mushrooms, spicy Korean pork or chicken, or pan fried tofu – and then striped over with a bit of gochujang aioli. Not to be just an average rice bowl, it is finally given an egg, sunny-side up. How wonderful!

Food Photography

The chef and his backers had come up with the idea of focusing on the beautifully tangy and spicy sauces Korean food offers, and make that their signature twist. Traditional Poke, for example, with fresh, raw cuts of tuna, covered in fish eggs, surrounded by fresh vegetables, and accompanied by a poached egg topped with a kimchi aioli and tabiko.

Food Photography

The next dish we shot was inventive mix of Mexican with Korean.

The Saucy Asian Tacos, come with rich Mexican crema, guacamole, diced tomatoes and slaw, mixed with a creative cilantro sauce. Choose from one of your favorite meats, like Bulgogi beef, Shiitake mushrooms, or spicy Korean pork. A handful of delightful tastes!

Food Photography

The next dish we got the chance to sample in studio, was a slice potato, stretched and deep fried. It’s like a really big chip! Of course, it is topped with cilantro, tobiko, and served up with your choice of sauce, preferably bright, red Sriracha.

Food Photography

And finally, we had the pleasure to devour their chicken wings. Now, everyone has tried buffalo wings, hot wings, or wings from the random cafe. But Saucy Asian wings are served with soy garlic dip, or a sweet & spicy covering, and smothered in sesame seeds and green onions. Delectable!

Another client satisfied, and my photo team fed on set, much to our filling. Ah, the wonders and perks of advertising food photography!